ACMASO OEM Partner Programs

Acmaso Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Partners are organizations that embrace Acmaso into their product offerings and then provide a unique package to the EdTech market. Acmaso offers feature-rich modules, beautiful user interface design, and IT solutions to offer schools, college and various other clients an engaging and effective student information management solution. Acmaso bridges the digital divide in education by offering its product and services in a cost-effective manner. We will work with you in every step of the way so that you can successfully replicate Acmaso business model and benefit from it.

Cross sale as ACMASO OEM

Every school and college is in need of an innovative solution that they can easily use and manage. With Acmaso OEM partner plan reach out and sell to more customers. Acmaso offers an efficient software solution that optimizes productivity without being highly expensive. Combine Acmaso product development with your marketing and sales effort to create higher revenues for your business. We collaborate with various OEMs to develop, design and deliver innovative school management software solutions that will give your business a competitive advantage and your customers a high-end product and service. As an OEM partner you have the access to all the latest updates of Acmaso.