ACMASO Partner Programs

Acmaso world class student information software is in great demand because it is user friendly, reliable, affordable and comes with competent technical support and after sales support. A has a huge market share and as a partner you can leverage this to increase the revenue of your business. Educational institutions have a genuine need for Acmaso School Management Software and this where you can come in to fill the gap.

Acmaso school ERP system offers an innovation in this space. As a partner, you deal with a trusted and reliable product with minimum risk involved. You may choose the partnership program that is best suited for your business in the long term.

Acmaso USP is its affordability and 24/7 technical support. The market of the school management software is dominated by two key players. One type of business offers school management software at an exorbitant price. The other type of supplier/ distributor offers ERP solutions at affordable price but without robust after sales support. They are not professional as service providers. As an Acmaso partner, you have a unique advantage in distributing Acmaso School Management Software. The expertise and knowledge that you will gain as a channel partner will help you to guide your customers towards business success.